Established 2000

Supporting our Customers success!

Fleet Equipment

We have 5 tractors, 1 straight truck and 100 trailers. We service an area within 120 miles of our facility.


We use two automated lines to sort and repair over 5,000 pallets per day. We also custom build new and used pallets to customer specifications.



We stay up to date with the latest technology trends. We design pallets and analyze unit loads using Pallet Design System while crates are designed with Crate Pro.

Custom Built Boxes and Crates

We design and build boxes and crates to fit our customers needs.


Agricultural boxes


With or Without Lids


We are a member of Wooden, a packing and crating industry resource for industry professionals.

Cushioning Options

We use a local supplier of foam to cushion a customer's product upon request.



Our crates are designed with Crate Pro. This software is designed to optimize material, while minimizing cost to the customer.

We build and recycle pallets

4,000 pallets ship out our door every day adding up to over 1 million pallets per year!

New Pallets

We build new pallets using precut lumber from suppliers in New York, Pennsylvania and Canada. Pallets are custom built to customer specifications using Pallet Design System.

Remanufactured Pallets

Remanufactured pallets are new pallets built using reclaimed material. Upon customer request we can build a combination pallet using some new material and some reclaimed.

Pallet Drawings

Click above to download an example of the pallet drawings.

Superior Mulch

We use an MC266 from Rotochopper whose tagline is "Perfect in One Pass". We chose the machine because it has the ability to grind 15 tons of material in an hour which gives us the opportunity to increase our production to meet demand. Currently we grind approximately 30 tons in 6 hours, which translates to approximately 7,000 tons of mulch annually.

From late March until August we grind colored mulch. We use the best dye on the market, Mulch Magic from Colorbiotics. The dye is made from natural additives and does not harm any plants or vegetables the mulch covers, or the environment. During the summer we also grind playground safety surface material and sell it to local schools and municipalities.


We use a Rotochopper MC266 to grind and color our mulch. We use a cross-belt magnet and a magnetic head pully to remove metal from our mulch.

Playground Mulch

Our mulch has been tested and meets or exceeds ASTM 1292 for Impact Attenuation. We recommend at least 12 inches of depth to achieve the desired cushioning properties.

Colored Mulch

We offer three colors of double ground mulch - Black, Dark Walnut and Ruby Red. Our colorant is non-toxic, lasts all season long and is produced by the only ISO-9001 certified colorant manufacturer. Click here to use our Mulch Calculator.


This is a sample picture of our black mulch.

Dark Walnut

This is a sample picture of our Dark Walnut (brown) mulch.

Ruby Red

This picture is a sample of our Ruby Red mulch.

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Mulch Calculator
Need to know how much Superior Mulch you need? Use our Superior Mulch Calculator to figure out how many bags are needed or how many yards.
  • Garden Mulch Recommended Depth 3"
  • Playground Safety Surface Material Recommended Depth 10"
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